S.W.A.G. Program

01. FastTrak

This level of academic support is for high performing high school and junior college students that wish to be guided and held accountable for college preparation and transfer requirements, periodic grade checks, specific academic skill development, ongoing ACT/SAT test taking development, college essay writing, etc.

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02. OnTrak

Students that require OnTrak, academic support, generally have grades that range from A’s to C’s, and therefore, have high academic potential, but often require study skills development, core material support, and academic accountability to realize higher scores. Students in this program receive reminders...

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03. ImpactTrak

Students that participate in ImpactTrak academic support (a) require core subject remediation (i.e., Math, English, Writing), (b) online course facilitation (either for recovery, or accelerated learning), (c) college preparatory home school curriculum (6-8 grade only), (d) have received either a D or F in one or more classes...

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private trak

Do you want to take it to the next level as a scholar athlete? We offer private individual sessions tailored to the strengths and learning modality of the student...

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