About us

PRODIGY ATHLETES was founded over 20 years ago in Temecula, CA, with one simple concept: Create a one-of-a-kind academic and sports program that encourages, educates, and motivates student athletes to achieve their academic, sports, and fitness goals. PRODIGY ATHLETES members have embraced this non-intimidating atmosphere and have achieved great results.

Many of our athletes have received full ride college sports and academic scholarships. Our passionate and certified staff are some of the reasons PRODIGY ATHLETES has clients who have been members since day one. We proudly serve the community by developing the scholar athlete.


To propel the scholar athlete beyond what he or she ever thought possible. To motivate and improve our youth at every level of ability and interest; promote good health, friendship, camaraderie, and training; encourage leadership and initiative; and focus our efforts on preparing our youth to not only gain admission to college, but to excel!

Our team

Coach Lau

Coach Lau has been in the academic and coaching profession industry for over 20 years.

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Kalehua Kukahiko

Coach Kalehua has designed and implemented college access programs for high school students for over 10 years.

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Jeffrey Jacob

Coach JJ serves as the Prodigy Athletes webmaster, and has been in the Information Technology profession for over 20 years.

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Why us

01. We Deliver Results

Coach Lau and Prodigy Athletes academic coaches have helped over 500 student-athletes in all sports compete at the college and professional levels for over the past 25 years. Prodigy Athletes helps to develop students both in the classroom and on the field. This is a unique combination of academic and athletic training and preparation.

02. We Do Not Accept Mediocrity

We will say it again - We Do Not Accept Mediocrity! We believe life is too short to not strive to make our good better, and our better our best.

03. Your Student Athlete Is Part Of Our Family

There are many facets to building dynamic relationships, and our staff are experts at creating rapport and finding what motivates our students and athletes.

04. We Establish A Work Ethic That Lasts A Lifetime

We instill in each of of our students and athletes a work ethic that accepts discipline and challenges, as we believe this is the only way for them to experience the exhilaration of victory and achievement.