Mission Statement

For generations the names of great athletes have echoed along school corridors, local basketball courts, and grid irons across the nation; names of athletes that were unable to attend college because they lacked the grades or character to make it to the next level. Prodigy Athletes was established to provide roadmaps to student athletes in pursuit of athletic scholarships, and guide them through the pitfalls that lay waste to millions of talented athletes a year. The athletic and leadership training that has become the Prodigy Athletes program was developed over a decade of outreach experience.

Our founder began the UCLA Mentorship Program while attending the University in 1996. The program, that is now called PIER, provides on campus resources in the Los Angeles Unified School District for Polynesian high school student athletes that seek college admittance. After receiving the UCLA Chancellor’s Award and participating as the Keynote Speaker at the 1998 UCLA Graduation, Coach went on to serve the AIGA Foundation; a program that tests, mentors, and places student athletes in collegiate programs.

Prodigy Athletes was developed to provide day to day interaction to battle high attrition, high drop-out rates, and character malfeasance. Day to day interaction has proven to change the student athletes’ way of life, the way they think. That split second it takes to make the right or wrong decision is driven into their daily agendas, and they are held accountable. Coaches, parents and teachers contact us on the student athletes’ behavior, and tutoring is made available to those that ask; and assigned to those that need it. The student athletes prepare year around for the expectations of their desired collegiate programs.

Prodigy Athletes programs have created stepping stones towards collegiate aspirations. Those programs include our Prodigy Athletes Olympic Training Program, Home School Program, College Visits, 7 on 7 Showcase Team, and network of college coaches. Our Prodigy Athletes Olympic Training Program prepares our student athletes physically, mentally and academically for college sports. Our Home School Program allows youth athletes to prepare academically for high school and college by providing accelerated learning programs while optimizing their physical growth with nutrition and training. College Visits are opportunities for all our athletes to tour college campuses hosted by the college coaches and understand visually what their toil and sacrifice pays for. The 7 on 7 showcase team is another opportunity for football athletes to perform in front of college coaches, and tour their respective campuses. Prodigy Athletes reputation has enabled its members access to an influential network of college coaches, and it is the Founder’s belief that the student athletes have earned access to this network with the sweat and sacrifice of their participation.

The mission of Prodigy Athletes was to develop a program that would create transformational leaders, or individuals who do not need daily external motivation, but who inspire others by overcoming their fear of failure, and who are tenaciously committed to finish what they started. It is our nature to assume the characteristics of those we admire, and so we create environments where iron sharpens iron, and the best will make each other better. It is this dynamic that develops leaders who will change the World, because they do and demand the right thing, even when it’s hard.