Our Services

01. Academic Coaching

Students With Academic Goals

Four different options to choose from.

02. ACT/SAT Prep

Strengthen your skills and prepare for the ACT test during this 4-week course. Students will take a pretest at the start of the course to assess the progress from beginning to end. The instructors will lead students through lessons and homework assignments designed to strengthen test subject areas and to learn test-taking skills and strategies.

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03. Home Schooling

This program is a six-month minimum commitment, and is focused on student-athletes in grades 6-8 that are looking for the competitive edge. The home-school athletes participate in core curriculum online, receive additional writing and math development, speed reading, typing, presentation skills and software, and test prep.

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04. Olympic Training

The Olympic Training package includes sport specific training, and the intense workouts involved in Prodigy Athletes strength/conditioning and speed and agility programs that have helped over 500 athletes compete at the collegiate level in the last 20 years. Nutrition programs are also available for these athletes.

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05. Online Support

Our Online Academic programs are three-month minimum commitments that offer targeted support for students retaking courses they received C-F grades, courses that will provide the competitive edge on college applications, or courses that enable students to accelerate graduation and participate in college early enrollment.

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06. Private Training

Guaranteed private individual sessions are available, as we seek to promote controlled cooperative learning environments. Academic support programs are tailored to keep students on track to successfully complete current course workload towards college matriculation.

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