I have never met someone as passionate about the academic and athletic development of student athletes as Coach K. He went to get his PhD with the sole purpose of improving his ability to do this, and our football program has continued to get better because of the players we recruit from his program.

Fesi SitakeQB Coach and Offensive Coordinator

Coach K and I grew up in the same hometown, and I think that we have the same sense of family, and a commitment to bringing that with us to the players we work with. He is tough, but all love, and no one works harder for their athletes than he does.                                     

Lewis PowellDefensive Line

Coach K has been developing student-athletes for over 20 years, and is well respected within the college coaching community. I know that when I recruit an athlete from his program, the recruit will be prepared for the academic and athletic rigors of BYU. Coach K is a good friend, and I trust his evaluation of prospective college student-athletes.

Kalani SitakeHead Coach

Every year my job is to recruit the very best talent available to NAU, but every year there are high school players that I want to offer, who are not in a position academically to receive an athletic scholarship. All youth and high school football players that would like to play college football would benefit from Coach K’s program.

James BealRunning Backs